A journey to first capital city of Ottoman Empire

Tour Program

A pleasant journey along the Osmangazi bridge route with breakfast and refreshments. Our first stop in the Ottoman period, the people of the area gathered in Friday Prayer Cumalıkızık village on arrival. We visit famous village houses with local products accompanied by our guide. Then move to the city center of Bursa. First of all, we can see the most famous heroes of the screen play Hacıvat and Karagöz monuments and take a photo. Then, we visit the tombs of Osman Gazi, the founder of the Ottoman Empire and the son of the conqueror Orhan Gazi in the Tophane which is the hill where the Sahur cannon was shot during the Ramadan months. Free time for lunch. After lunch, visit to Ulucami which is one of the most important temples of the Islamic world with 20 dome built by Yıldırım Bayezid in honor of Niğbolu victory. After seeing Kozahan, where the silk trade is done, we make our visits to the Green Mosque and Green Tomb, the symbol of Bursa, and complete our trip with a visit to the Emir Sultan Tomb. The return trip to Istanbul in the evening and the end of our tour.