Muscle Aesthetics

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Why isn’t it easy to have an athletic and muscular body?

Among the factors that determine the athletic and muscular body:

  • How prone the body is to increase muscle mass
  • Fat ratio in the body
  • Distribution of fat in the body
  • Nutrition habits
  • Sleep patterns
  • A disciplined, organized and long-term exercise program
  • Physical condition and power can be counted.

One of the most important criteria for determining the muscular and athletic body is heredity. The body’s tendency to increase muscle mass and the distribution of adipose tissue in the body are inherited. Therefore;while some people may have a muscular body without intense effort, it may be quite difficult for some to have an athletic body.

Our body stores the majority of fat tissue in the abdomen and waist. For this reason, undesirable fat deposits in the abdomen of many people and a fat tissue bombardment called “simit, are observed. Abdominal muscles;Although it is not very difficult to develop, it is the most difficult muscle group to make it visible because of the adipose tissue.

What is Muscle Aesthetics?

Muscle aesthetic; is a body shaping operation that is applied to have a healthy, dynamic, fit, athletic and muscular body. The operation is designed to protect or increase the adipose tissue in the areas where muscles are bombed, and the fat tissue in the areas where the muscles are trapped is taken with liposuction technique.This allows the muscles to be clarified and visualized. Muscle aesthetics operations serve to shape the muscle mass and reveal the muscles that are naturally visible in an athletic body. Operation in which no external material or implant is applied to the body; it makes the muscles that are present in the body more visible, creating a fit and muscular body image.

Who makes muscle aesthetics?

Latest FUE Technique

Especially in people who want fit, athletic and muscular body despite exercise and diet
Muscle aesthetics that provide facial laughing results:

  • Men and women in the young and middle age groups who want to have an athletic appearance,
  • Generally, there is no obesity problem;
  • To those who have difficulty in developing and making muscle tissue,
  • Muscle aesthetics can be applied to people who do not have time to perform an intensive exercise program and who want to have a muscular body in a short time.

Which areas of muscle aesthetics is applied?

Chest, back, arms, legs, abdomen and lumbar region muscle aesthetic operations can be done.

How is the surgery performed?

In line with today’s aesthetic values, muscle aesthetics operations are not just the removal of excess fat; It is considered as a healthy, dynamic, fit, athletic and muscular body design. The muscle and fat tissue in the body is evaluated and a personalized muscle aesthetic surgery plan is made. In the modern aesthetic sense, it is not a body that is not natural-looking and is shaped only in certain regions, but a fit and athletic body with generally compatible and prominent muscle masses.

Muscle aesthetics is the most common region of the abdomen. For this reason, muscle aesthetics operations are known to be six pack aesthetics in men. The woman is also known as two pack aesthetics . In the operation performed under general anesthesia and small surgical incisions of 4-5 mm length corresponding to the body folds, the fat tissue in the areas where the muscles of the abdominal muscles are preserved or increased with the fat filling, and the fat tissue in the areas where the muscles are trapped is taken with liposuction technique. In women, a muscular abdomen (two pack) with two muscles on the right and left is obtained. In men who have fat or gynecomastia (breast enlargement) in the chest area, liposuction is applied to the chest and a more fit and muscular chest view is targeted.

The lumbar region can also be thinned and the waist muscles can be removed. In order to provide a more athletic appearance, it is aimed to clarify the shoulder, arm, chest and abdominal muscles especially in men.

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Operation Summary

  • Number of Seance

  • Hours of Operation

  • Type of Anesthesia

  • Days of Sensitivity

    3 Days

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  • Back to Work

    3-5 Days
  • Full Recovery Time

    3-4 Weeks
  • Permanency of Results

  • Time in hospital

    1 Day

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